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Beet - Chioggia (seeds)
  • Beet - Chioggia (seeds)

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    Chioggia Beets—also known as candy cane or candy stripe beets—is a unique and visually stunning variety of beetroot. 


    Origin and Appearance

    The Chioggia beet (Beta vulgaris) is named after the town of Chioggia in Italy, where it originated. Its most notable feature is its beautiful interior coloring, which resembles candy canes or concentric rings. The roots have a pretty orange-pink skin and striped red and white flesh, creating a visually appealing pattern. The dark green leaves and red stems of Chioggia beets can also be used in salads.


    Flavor and Culinary Uses


    Chioggia beets have an especially sweet and mild earthy flavor.


    Unlike regular beets, they don’t bleed as much, so you won’t have to worry about bright red beet juice staining your fingers and clothes.


    You can eat Chioggia beets raw in fresh salads to add an earthy crunch.


    Roasting or steaming softens the beet and changes the flavor profile, making it a perfect accompaniment for barley, rice, or other savory side dishes.


    Add jolts of color to stir-fries by sautéing Chioggia beets with a mix of other veggies.


    Pickled Chioggia beets add a burst of flavor ideal for accompanying main dishes or as a main salad ingredient.


    Tip: When boiling Chioggia beets, add a splash of lemon juice or white vinegar to keep their color from fading.



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    Enjoy experimenting with these vibrant and flavorful Chioggia beets! 


    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx  20

      Large Pack: approx 425

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