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Tomato - Black Krim (seeds)
  • Tomato - Black Krim (seeds)

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    The Black Krim tomato is a fascinating heirloom variety known for its rich, complex flavor and striking dark color. 



    Black Krim tomatoes have a medium size and come in a color range from dark maroon to deep purple, almost appearing black. Their squat, flattened globe shape sets them apart. The flavor of Black Krim tomatoes is intense, with sweet and acidic notes. Some describe it as slightly salty. These tomatoes are named after the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea, where they originated.


    Growing Tips


    Sun Exposure

    Black Krim tomatoes need at least six to eight hours of full sunlight per day.



    They thrive in loamy, well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Aim for a slightly acidic pH (around 6.0 to 6.8).



    Water deeply and regularly, ensuring the soil never dries out. Dry soil during fruit development can lead to blossom end rot.


    Spacing and Support

    Since Black Krim tomatoes are indeterminate, give them ample space (3 to 5 feet between plants) and sturdy support (staking or tomato cages).


    Harvest and Enjoyment

    Black Krim tomatoes are perfect for slicing and enjoying raw due to their rich flavor.

    When grown in hot, sunny conditions, their skin turns nearly black, adding to their visual appeal.


    Remember, growing your own Black Krim tomatoes will reward you with delicious, homegrown produce! 

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx  15

      Large Pack: approx 40

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