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Watermelon - Florida Giant (seeds)
  • Watermelon - Florida Giant (seeds)

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    The Florida Giant Watermelon is a remarkable heirloom variety known for its impressive size and delicious flavor. 


    Origin and Heritage

    The Florida Giant Watermelon earned its name from its place of origin in the 1940s.

    It’s an heirloom variety that has gained popularity due to its exceptional size and taste.


    Size and Appearance

    On average, the Florida Giant Watermelon weighs between 30 to 50 pounds.

    However, some lucky growers have managed to produce watermelons as massive as 213 pounds! The fruit has a round shape, with a dark green rind that contrasts beautifully with the bright red flesh inside.


    Flavor and Enjoyment

    The sweet, juicy flavor of the Florida Giant Watermelon makes it a favorite for snacking.

    When you slice it open, you’ll find firm, refreshing flesh that’s perfect for hot summer days. Whether you enjoy it chilled, straight from the rind, or incorporate it into creative recipes, this watermelon won’t disappoint.


    Versatility in the Kitchen

    Beyond snacking, consider using this giant watermelon in various ways:

    Fruit Salads: Slice it and pair it with other fruits for a colorful and refreshing salad.

    Juices and Smoothies: Blend it into watermelon juice or add it to smoothies for a burst of flavor.

    Frozen Treats: Freeze chunks to make watermelon popsicles or sorbet.

    Flavor Enhancer: Use the juice to enhance lemonades, teas, or even cocktails.


    So, whether you’re competing in local watermelon contests or simply enjoying its sweet goodness, the Florida Giant Watermelon is a delightful addition to your summer!

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx 10

      Large Pack: approx 60

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