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Become A Buyer

Are you looking for fresh local produce at a great price? Becoming a buyer on the Backyard Gardener App is like having a farmers market on your phone that is open for business all day, every day!

After a quick and free registration, you are able to search gardens in your area to see what fresh produce is available. Once you find the items you are looking for, contact the seller directly with the chat button or purchase through the app. 


Some of the benefits of buying your produce using Backyard Gardener are:

  • eating healthy every day

  • know where your food comes from

  • save money on produce

  • support local gardeners

  • helping the environment

  • food freedom for all




Perfect for people who want to buy fresh produce from members of their community

Valid until canceled

All Of The Grower Benefits Plus:

Search Local Gardens

Buy Fresh Local Produce

Support Community Growers

Eat Healthy & Save Money

Be An Earth Hero

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