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    This complete tunnel kit combines the simplicity of traditional cat tunnels with the durability of a hoop house, making it an essential tool for crop protection and cultivation.

    Bootstrap Farmer understands the farmer's need and desire to protect crops with a polytunnel without the extra expense of end walls, and hip and baseboards. Our solution? A structure that withstands harsher weather than standard cat tunnels while remaining far easier to assemble and use than a traditional high tunnel.



    • All frame components feature Flo-Coat®, a Clear Organic seal on US-made Galvanized pipes.
    • US Steel 16 gauge Pre-Bent Precision Hoops
    • US Steel 16 gauge Ground Posts 
    • Galvanized Hardware Kits include brace bands, nuts, bolts, and washers, zinc self-tap screws. Includes nut drivers & drill bits. 
    • Ground Post Driver
    • 6 mil greenhouse plastic (4 year warranty)
    • Batten Strap to cinch up greenhouse plastic to the frame, while included hoop springs allow for manual side curtain ventilation.
    • Available in 20’, 40’, 60’, 80, 100’ lengths. After 100' lengths, custom lengths are available. 
    • Guided Instructions, Videos, and Customer care are available 7 days a week via phone and email.



    • Triple-Layer Protection Tubing: Combines zinc, conversion coating, and a clear organic polymer for a durable, strong, and visually appealing finish.

    • Ridge Pole and Wind Braces: Made from 1.35” OD 16 GA Texas-fabricated, US-sourced steel tubing, these features add rigidity along the top spine of each hoop and prevent frame movement.

    • Structural Integrity Upgrades: Traditional CAT tunnels are reimagined with 1” OD 16 GA ground posts, triple-layer protected, US-sourced steel tubing, replacing rebar pins for deeper ground anchorage and enhanced stability.

    • Optional Truss Parts: Available for areas with high winds or heavy snow, these parts are made from the same high-quality material for additional lateral support.

    • Ventilation and Plastic Securing Mechanisms: Includes a Batton Strap for securing greenhouse plastic and hoop springs for manual side curtain ventilation, with an option to upgrade to roll-up sides.

    • Innovative Butterfly Doors: These unique doors streamline end-wall management, providing easy access, efficient ventilation, and effective protection against weather elements. No more bunching up loose plastic at the ends; laborious and unkempt loose plastic is unsightly and a potential fail point. Rapidly open and close your entire end wall to vent or move equipment and harvests in and out of the tunnel. The clamshell design sheds water and winds over your tunnel during rain events and dumps heat build-up in the summer with easy closing and opening.  

    • Scalability for Growth: The design allows for future additions such as end walls, hip and baseboards, and other customizations to accommodate expanding farming needs.

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