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Basil, Dark Opal Purple (seeds)
  • Basil, Dark Opal Purple (seeds)

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    Let’s explore the delightful world of Dark Opal Purple Basil. This striking cultivar, also known simply as Purple Basil, belongs to the Ocimum basilicum species.


    Here’s what you need to know about growing and using this beautiful herb:



    Dark Opal Purple Basil stands out with its stunning deep purple foliage. The leaves are almost black in color, creating a visually striking presence in your garden. Occasionally, you’ll find a splash of green on the serrated leaves, adding to its unique appeal.


    Flavor Profile

    Unlike traditional green basil varieties, Dark Opal basil has a milder taste. Its flavor combines sweetness with a subtle hint of spice, making it versatile for culinary use.


    Culinary Uses



    Dark Opal Purple Basil is an excellent choice for garnishing dishes. Its vibrant color adds flair to salads, appetizers, and main courses.


    Infused Vinegar

    Create a basil-infused vinegar with a nifty purple hue by steeping Dark Opal basil leaves in vinegar. It not only looks beautiful but also imparts a delicate flavor.


    Growing Dark Opal Basil Plants



    Start seeds indoors or plant them outside when temperatures are consistently above 65°F (18°C).



     Use well-draining soil amended with compost.



    Allow 3 to 14 days for germination.



    Gradually move the plants into a sunny spot as they develop.



    Begin pruning when the plant has a few inches of upright growth with several leaves. Pinch top leaves to encourage side branches.



    Harvest often to encourage growth and maintain an attractive Dark Opal basil plant.



    When you’re ready for blooms, stop using the leaves, as they may become bitter during flowering.


    Medicinal Benefits

    Dark Opal basil is described as having various medicinal and health benefits. It’s considered a general restorative with a mild sedative action.


    So, whether you’re growing it for its beauty or culinary value, Dark Opal Purple Basil is a delightful addition to any garden! 

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx 50

      Large Pack: approx 900

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