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Lettuce - All Year Round (seeds)
  • Lettuce - All Year Round (seeds)

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    Lettuce is a delightful and versatile green to grow, and with a little planning, you can enjoy fresh harvests almost year-round. Here are some tips on how to grow lettuce successfully:


    Variety Selection

    There are many types of lettuce available, so choose the ones that suit your taste and growing conditions.


    All Year Round Lettuce

    As the name suggests, this variety can be sown at any time from spring to fall. It’s slow to bolt and produces appealing light green, crisp, tight hearts.


    Growing Basics



    You can grow lettuce in various locations, including directly in the soil, on a windowsill, or even between flowers.



    Provide regular watering, about 1 inch per week or more during hot conditions.



    Lettuce prefers part sun to shade.



    Use well-draining, humus-rich soil.



    Apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers (such as fish or seaweed-based liquids or alfalfa meal) and regular compost applications.


    Pest and Disease Management

    Watch out for pests like aphids, thrips, and cutworms, as well as diseases like fungal infections and aphid-borne diseases.


    Year-Round Harvests


    Greenhouse or Cover

    With protection from a greenhouse, cloche, or fleece, you can grow lettuce even during the coldest winters.


    Succession Planting

    Plant lettuce in succession to ensure a constant harvest throughout the year.


    Indoor Growing

    In winter, consider growing lettuce under the cover of a frost-free greenhouse or indoors with proper lighting. In spring, summer, and autumn, plant directly in the garden.


    Remember, lettuce is easy to grow, and with a little care, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown greens all year long!

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx 200

      Large Pack: approx 1000

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