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Onion - Evergreen (seeds)
  • Onion - Evergreen (seeds)

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    Let’s talk about Evergreen Bunching Onions. These delightful onions, also known as scallions, are a versatile addition to any garden. Here are some key facts and tips for growing them:


    Botanical NameAllium fistulosum

    Other Names: Welsh onion, long green onion, Japanese bunching onion, and spring onion.



    This variety produces clusters of 4 to 9 leek-like stalks. It’s non-bulbing, crisp, and tasty. You can harvest it throughout the growing season by cut-and-come-again method.


    Growing Conditions


    When to Plant

    Start bunching onions indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost or directly sow them in early spring. You can also plant them in July or August for fall harvest.


    Soil Preferences

    Provide nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Loamy soil works best.


    Light Requirements

    Full sun exposure.


    Water Needs

    Regular watering.



    Apply balanced fertilizer once every 3 weeks.



    Watch out for allium leaf miners, thrips, white rot, downy mildew, and Botrytis leaf blight.



    Evergreen bunching onions take about 60 days to mature. Harvest the tender, white stalks when they reach the desired size.



    Enjoy the mild flavor of the stalks fresh in salads, stir-fries, or as a garnish. These onions are perfect for cut-and-come-again harvesting, so you’ll have a continuous supply throughout the season. Remember, these perennial onions are hardy and easy to grow. 


    Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, Evergreen Bunching Onions will thrive in your garden! 

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx 100

      Large Pack: approx 1500

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