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Radish - Easter Egg (seeds)
  • Radish - Easter Egg (seeds)

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    Let’s talk about Easter Egg Radishes. These delightful root vegetables are known for their burst of color and mild flavor. Here’s what you need to know:


    What are Easter Egg Radishes?

    Easter Egg Radishes are small to medium-sized root vegetables that typically grow to about 1-2 inches in diameter. They get their name from their vibrant range of colors, resembling—you guessed it—Easter eggs! Common varieties include:

    • Cherry Belle (red)
    • White Icicle (white)
    • Purple Plum (purple)
    • Pink Punch (pink)


    Flavor and Texture

    Unlike some other radish varieties that can be spicy or peppery, Easter Egg Radishes have a more subtle taste. They offer a refreshing and slightly sweet flavor profile, making them perfect for spring and summer dishes. The texture is crunchy and firm, providing a satisfying bite.


    Versatility in the Kitchen

    Raw: Enjoy them raw in salads, slaws, or as a colorful garnish.

    Pickled: Try pickling them for a tangy twist.

    Roasted: Roasting brings out their natural sweetness.

    Sautéed: Lightly sauté for a warm side dish.


    Nutritional Benefits

    Low in calories and high in nutrients. Good source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. High water content helps with hydration.


    Colorful Presentation

    The combination of vibrant hues adds a visually stunning element to your meals. Perfect for salads, vegetable platters, or as a garnish.


    Remember, Easter Egg Radishes mature quickly (usually within 30 days) and should be harvested when they’re under 1 1/2 inches wide to maintain their mild flavor. If they get wider, they might become hotter! 


    Feel free to experiment with these colorful radishes in your kitchen—they’re sure to brighten up any dish!

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx 110

      Large Pack: approx 350

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