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Sprouts/Microgreens - Pea, Brown Speckled (seeds)
  • Sprouts/Microgreens - Pea, Brown Speckled (seeds)

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    Pea microgreens are a delightful addition to salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. They offer a burst of flavor and are packed with nutrients. Let’s dive into how to grow them:


    Choose Your Pea Variety

    The best pea types for growing as microgreens are often speckled, snow, and snap peas. These varieties provide a delicate sweetness and vibrant color, making them perfect for sprouting and harvesting as microgreens.


    Materials Needed



    Opt for good-quality seeds like Dun Peas, Organic Dundale, Dwarf Sugar Grey Snow Peas, or others.



    Use shallow grow trays.


    Growing Medium

    Fine-grained soil, such as Espoma seed starting mix or coconut coir.



    A quality grow light, like the Agrobrite T5.


    Scissors or Shears

    Kitchen shears work well for harvesting pea shoots.


    Misting Bottle

    For watering.


    Large Bowl

    For soaking the seeds.


    Growing Process

    Soak the Seeds: Soak the pea seeds for 6-24 hours.

    Rinse and Drain: Rinse the seeds and drain them.

    Germination: Allow 2-3 days for germination.

    Ideal Harvest: Harvest the microgreens when they’re 6-14 days old.



    Pea microgreens have a sweet, mild pea flavor.



    Unlike microgreens, pea shoots have tendrils.


    Health Benefits

    Pea microgreens are rich in vitamins, iron, protein, and vitamin C. They’ve been linked to cardiovascular health, inflammation reduction, and weight loss.


    Enjoy Your Harvest

    Use pea microgreens to top salads, sandwiches, or any dish that could use a fresh, pea-like flavor.


    Remember, growing pea microgreens is still fairly easy, and the results are both tasty and nutritious! 

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single pack: approx 420

      1/2 pound: approx 8 ounces 

      1 pound: approx 16 ounces

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