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Watermelon - Moon & Stars (seeds)
  • Watermelon - Moon & Stars (seeds)

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    Moon and Stars Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a captivating heirloom variety that lives up to its celestial name. 


    Colorful Appearance

    The rind of Moon and Stars Watermelon resembles a night sky. It showcases a full, yellow moon surrounded by a spattering of stars—small yellow specks. These specks vary in size, creating a visually stunning effect.


    Fruit Characteristics

    Moon and Stars Watermelon can grow quite large, reaching upwards of 40 pounds! Its deep, dark green skin contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow spots. When you slice it open, you’ll find sweet and tender flesh. The interior can be either rosy red or exceptionally sweet yellow.


    Growing Your Own

    Plant Moon and Stars Watermelon seeds in full sun. Ensure well-drained, fertile soil.

    These watermelons thrive in warm climates. Harvest when the fruit is ripe and ready to enjoy.


    Whether you serve it chilled, blend it into refreshing drinks, or share it at summer gatherings, Moon and Stars Watermelon adds a touch of magic to your garden and table!

    • Seeds Per Pack

      Single Pack: approx  10

      Large Pack: approx 70

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