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Backyard Gardener App

Backyard Gardener App provides an all-in-one platform for gardeners of all levels. Our App makes it easy to find the information you need to get growing, from a user-friendly database to precise gardening instructions. Turn your unused spaces into flourishing gardens and even sell your fresh produce to your local community.


Our app enables you to quickly access an expansive plant database, connect with expert gardeners for personalized advice and purchase all the necessary garden supplies you need. 

Free Gardening App


Our app functions as a marketplace for local growers to sell, trade and donate produce, which means that users can not only indulge in fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies at a lower cost but can also support their local farmers, too.

Free Gardening App


Earn up to $10,000 a month in any 250 x 250 square foot space. Start selling in as little as six weeks. With our app, you are guided through the entire process of starting your own successful market garden- from set up to your first sale.

Free Gardening App
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